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Štampar Makarije Publishing Company was founded in 1998 in Podgorica. Since its founding until today, Štampar Makarije has initiated numerous recognizable editions in the fields of literature and science. Štampar Makarije publishes editions of classical works, editions of books in the field of philosophy, lexicography, historiography, painting and sculpture, medicine, law.

We pay special attention to children’s books. So far we have published 130 original and translated literatures for children and adults, and we are especially dealing with pre-school and early school age group.

Štampar Makarije Publishing Company is the publisher of school readings which are included in primary schools curriculum for years.
Štampar Makarije Publishing Company has a publishing house, two bookstores in Podgorica, an online bookstore and a printing house.
Štampar Makarije Publishing Company, by continuous work seeks to justify given trust of our readers. Through strict selection criteria we have achieved that our editions rank among those of undisputed cognitive and artistic value.


The prize Moštanica for monograph Cyrillic Inscriptions on Stecak Tombstones by Goran Komar, declared as the Publishing project of the Year, International Book Fair in Banja Luka 2019.

The prize Moštanica for collect work by Dragan Klundžija, declared as the Publishing project of the Year, International Book Fair in Banja Luka 2018
The prize for art monograph Vojo Stanic: slike-paintings, the Summer Book fair The Square of Book 2017, Herceg Novi.
The prize Creators of Centuries in 2017 by the International Economic Forum Perspective.


Our books are available in bookstores across Montenegro and Serbia, online book shops as well as in post shops in Montenegro.

Name of the Private Limited Company: Štampar Makarije Ltd., Book Publishing Company,
graphic design and cultural-artistic activities
Nehruova 51a/111
11070 Belgrade
Mobile. :+ 381 63 409676